Rep-Rap Ormerod 2 3D Printed Parts


PLA printed parts, which together with other hardware will build an Ormerod 2 Rep Rap Printer.

Available on back-order



3D Printed Parts for a RepRap Ormerod 2 3d Printer

Complete set of printed PLA parts for an Ormerod 2, buying printed parts when buying a 3Dprinter is a good way to share the experience and save on the cost of buying a full kit or a pre-built one.
It’s advisable, once you have built the 3D printer to print spares or a set for someone else.

Seven day lead time from order date for printed parts to arrive.

Printed Parts only – needs a hardware kit to build a fully working 3D Printer.
Ormerod- 2 – Hardware – Kit

Good quality prints; printed at 0.2mm layer height and 40% infill

Each Kit contains:

Main Parts

Z-Motor-brace, Y-Motor bracket, Y-idler bracket, Z-Lower-Mount, Z-Upper Mount, Z-Corner Bracket, Z – Foot, Y-Bearing-Belt-clamp, Y-Bearing-Clamp-tagged, X-Idler-Bracket, X-Carriage, X-Motor-Bracket, Z-Runner-Mount, Z-gear-driven, Z-Bearing-Clamp x 2, Z-Nut-Trap, Z-Gear,

Cooling System

Heat-sink Duct, Fan Duct (suitable for quick set nozzle)

Extruder Body

Extruder drive block, Extruder Small Gear, Extruder Large Gear, Retaining Tongue,

Spool Mount

Spool-Spigot, Spool-clip, Spool-Spigot-38mm


AC-Cover, Fan Housing and RepRap Logo.

These 3d printed parts have been select to include the latest updated designs and have been downloaded from and printed with great care.

If for any reason they arrive in an unusable state, please return them and I will replace it with another printed part.

Parts might need fetting. Details Here