Plastazote® LD33 medical grade padding


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Plastazote® Closed Cell Padding

Suitable medical grade padding with adhesive backing.

5mm thickness, the idea material to pad out your 3D printed prosthetic.
Size length 275mm(10.82″) x 150mm(5.90″) x 5mm(0.19″)
Colour is black, other colours available upon request.

This padding is not fire-retardant
If you need it fire-retardant or would like another color please contact us

Data sheet and other safety information about LD33 closed cell padding.
Plastazote foam is blown with nitrogen to produce a closed cell polyethylene foam.
In contrast to other foams, it is tough and flexible. It defined by regular shapes. The sides and walls of the cells made from polyethylene.
When squashed and compressed, each nitrogen filled cell acts like a balloon and the foam bounces back to its original shape.

      Applications include flotation, matting, presentation boxes, tool storage, insulation, tool trays, etc.

Great foam for archival and museum storage purposes.

  • Easily shaped, cut and bonded to other materials.
  • Non-toxic, odourless, will not absorb water and is buoyant.
  • Can be washed, disinfected and wiped clean.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most oils, solvents, acids & alkalis.
  • Weatherproof and has good ultraviolet stability.
  • Durable, tough and flexible and recovers repeatedly from impacts.
  • Very good thermal insulator.