Ormerod 2 Y-Axis Aluminium Print Bed Support Kit


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Ormerod 2 Y-Axis Aluminium Print Bed Support.

Has your current MDF based print bed support become worn and warped?
Which will cause failed prints and printer’s bed not being held flat  as the mounting holes become pushed though, which makes the adjustment of the mounting points difficult.
Then you should upgrade to an Aluminium print bed carriage which will correct those problems.

The kit contains all the following:

  • Bed-support (3mm Aluminium)
  • Y-axis rib (5mm Aluminium)
  • Y-axis-cross rib (5mm Aluminium)
  • Printed Bearing Clip
  • M3 nuts and washers
  • M3 x 16mm Screws

Made with  Aluminium from the original Ormerod drawings, this Aluminium print bed which makes up Y Carriage will be a straight swap out with the MDF. It won’t add a great deal of weight to you Y-axis as it weighs in at only 270 grams.

It’s been fully tested and fitted upon an Ormerod 2. It will come with fixings required to assemble the 3 parts, much like the fitting the original MDF Y Carriage to your printer. Also a printed part will be required to hold the front bearing in place which will be included with the kit and if needed provided separately within the printed parts section of the store.

This Item will not fit an Ormerod 1 3d Printer.
You can get a bed support kit which improves that printer performance from DDMetal Products

This product was produced by DDMetal Products upon my request as I needed to replace the MDF version of my printer’s bed support. As the bolts upon the fixing points were being pushed though. I didn’t feel that that the MDF was up to the task of the supporting the printer’s bed correctly.

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