eSUN Cleaning Filament 1.75mm 100g


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Industry’s first 3D Printer Cleaning Filament used to clean up residues inside extruders.
Just like oil-change for your car. Maintenance is important to the longevity and functionality of extruders.


  • 150-200mm white semi-transparent filament


  • Excellent heat stability, Wide cleaning temperature range cleaning rods extrude normally at the temperature range of 150℃-260℃ when testing.
  • With slightly viscosity and enable it to take residual material out of nozzle and no jamming in nozzle
  • Not easy to degradation in the heat.
  • Using cleaning rods can prevent nozzle plugging during transition between high and low temperature material.


  • Cleaning rods: 1.75mm diameter, 100 g/ctn


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