Envirotape Brown 48mm X 150 Low Noise


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48mm x 150M Envirotape,
Extra Long & Economical (core size 38mm)

Low Noise Acrylic Tape

48mm Packing is all known as “2 inch tape”. Its the most widely used size of tape within the UK as it can accommodate a wide variety of sealing requirements . Perfect for sealing cartons, boxes, bags and packages it provides a secure seal for items in storage and in transit. Brown tape is also known as “buff tape”

Tape is identified by the following

  • The Carrier – Polypropylene or PVC, this is the backing material of the tape. PVC is hand tearable and a premium backing. Whereas polypropylene requires a dispenser and is more commonly used for general purpose.
  • The Adhesive – Acrylic, Hot-melt, or Solvent, this is the part that makes it stick! Certain adhesives are better for certain atmospheres or temperatures.
  • The Core Size – Most tapes come on a 76mm core, however our 150m long Envirotape comes on 38mm core – to save costs and reduce environmental impact.

150m Low Noise Tape (Envirotape)

  • Carrier – Polypropylene (for use with a dispenser)
  • Adhesive – Acrylic (operating temperature +15 degrees C to +65 degrees C
  • Core Size – 38mm
  • Key Benefit – Cheapest packaging tape that is sold per the metre due to the longer rolls, cost saving are also incurred though reduced transport and storage costs.

150m Acrylic Tape is part of the envirotape range, which uses a smaller core to reduce costs, save transport costs and fuel emissions, free up valuable storage space, and reduce cardboard waste by 63%.

Available in single rolls or a pack of six

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