3D Printer 8mm Lead Screw Rod Z axis


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3D Printer 8mm Lead Screw Rod Z Axis Linear Rail Bar Shaft

Replace your M5 Threaded Rod used in the stock kit for the Ormerod 2 3D Printer Kit.

As the threaded rod is not designed to move the Z axis up and down with the required accuracy, also over time the threaded rod will bend and jam the Z axis.

Upon fitting this to your Ormerod/3D Printer you will need to adjust your steps_per_MM value within your firmware, so that your Z axis moves the correct distance when asked.
A printed part will be needed to mount this rod upon the Ormerod. It’s file is available Lead-screw Mount

Original concept and design can be found upon this link http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?340,311823,323923#msg-323923

The printed part has an 9.20 mm hole so needs to drilled out to 10 mm to fit the bass nut. Also a rubber o-ring is used to provide grip between the bass nut and the printed part.
It’s part number is BS1806-213, 23.39mm x 3.53mm

Beware when the rod is mounted the Z-probe PCB will come into contact with metal connections. Please ensure that the board is protected from shorting by placing insulation tape upon the board. 

Length of rod = 300mm , Diameter 8mm
Material: Stainless Steel with a Brass Nut
Outer Diameter of 10 mm

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