12v 40mm Fan – Micro-fit Crimps


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Ormerod 2 Hot End/Cooling fan

12v 40mm Fan – Micro-fit crimps

A 12v 0.1A 40mm  x 10mm Fan which is a direct replacement of the hot end/cooling fan

Connector type: Micro-fit
Wire Length: 100mm

Fitting the Fan
Carefully remove the broken/damaged fan by removing wires from your 4×4 cool/hot-end fan connector.
The new pins on the fan should slot in giving a professional looking repair when replacing a broken or damaged fan.

Specs: Brushless Fan, Model #GDt4010S DC 12v 0.1A, Made In China, C E, RoHS

Nice design to stop fingers and tools entering the fan
Fan Backwash eliminator and finger guard for Ormerod hot end

12v 40mm Fan - Micro-fit crimps