3D Print and Stuff

3D print and stuff’s website is a collection of tools, projects and products that I have found useful when using a 3D Printer also during the build process from a kit to assembled printer. Items listed within the store are sourced from UK based suppliers (where possible) so the time waiting to receive your ordered item, is as quick as it can be. Delays might occur but I’m committed to get the item to you once payment has been made and will inform you of it’s progress.

I’m a maker/engineer,  and have spent a lot of time adjusting, improving and using  3D printers since 2011. Always have a few projects on the go at once, some involving 3D printed parts. Have assembled the Rep Rap Ormerod 2 3D printer and have found it a very nice printer to use.

I take 2D/3D Designs and able to turn them into physical objects; Also able to produce bespoke parts for repair and replacement by turning them into objects using 3D Printing. Currently I’m using a FDM (fused deposited modelling) printer which I built from a kit. Also have a 2nd pre built 3D Printer, with duel extruders and able to use flexible filament. Most items are printed with PLA (ploy lactic acid) aka plant/corn starch, which is a type of plastic used in FDM printing. Also able to print in ABS if required.
Also interested in printing in other types of filament, available to FDM printers.

Also support projects which involve recycling the failed prints. I am a technologist and have done projects with an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. https://github.com/orictosh

I am interested in the internet of things, computer vision and 3D scanning.

3DPrintandStuff is run from a desk within Coachwerks. A creative space with a diverse range of tenants and businesses.
Contact Address:
Chris Hills, 3DPrintandStuff, C/O Coachwerks, 19a Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton, BN1 7HB, UK

You can also follow/catch me on the following social media accounts;

Twitter: @3DPrintandStuff @OricTosh
Instagram: @3dprintandstuff
Check my instagram account for the photos of printed items produced by my printer; Also active upon the Rep Rap Forums and post there using the nickname OricTosh.

The e-Nable community provide a good use case for 3D Printing, http://enablingthefuture.org/ by printing their range of 3D printed prosthetics for recipients.

In the past I have done Mechanical Engineering, manufacturing, production courses and IT Support, mainly on a windows platform; I’m good at finding, removing viruses, malware and fixing hardware and configuration problems on computer based systems.